Statement of Work

CBS and the undersigned Customer (“Customer”) agree that the products and services described below will be furnished on the terms and conditions set forth below and the reverse side hereof.

Scope of the Engagement

This Statement of Work defines all activities to be delivered by CBS:

  • CBS will remotely install print drivers on up to 10 desktop PC’s or a Print Server for the device(s) purchased by the customer.
  • Setup of up to 5 PCs to scan via FTP or SMB, or setup of scan to email if an on-site Exchange server is available.
  • Any additional scan locations or print drivers to be installed may incur an additional charge.
  • If an installation cannot be performed remotely for any reason, there may be a lead time of up to two weeks for an onsite installation.

Services not performed by CBS IT:

  • Making changes to your network environment, server operation, or email server.
  • Making changes to any server or desktop applications like firewalls or anti-virus software.
  • Making any changes not approved by your external or internal IT department.
  • Installation of any software that isn’t included with the MFP or printer being installed.

Items requiring confirmation by the customer prior to the integration:

  • Appropriate power outlets for each device
  • Functional fax line(s) if applicable
  • Functional data line(s) and category 5 cables for each device
  • A dedicated IT person to be available during the integration.

Failure to confirm any of the above may cause delays and additional charges to be incurred.

To view the Terms & Conditions please click on the link,  TERMS & CONDITIONS  Please include any other options or requests below before signing this document. Any changes made after the acceptance of this Statement of Work will result in additional fees.


    Please select yes ONLY if we are picking up your existing machine at the time of delivery and you will be left without a means to copy or print
  • Please list anything unique to your network environment or any other special considerations we should be aware of prior to the integration. This will help avoid delays in the project.
  • By completing the signature field below, the Customer indicates acceptance of this Statement of Work as well as the terms and conditions described above. (type in your first & last name)